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  • Happy Days Pet Car Seat Belt

    Dog Car Seat Belt

    Our Dog Car Seat Belt features a robust metal clip that easily attaches to your dog's harness, providing a secure connection without compromising their comfort. The adjustable length allows your dog to sit or lie down comfortably while preventing unnecessary movement that could lead to injury in the event of sudden stops or turns.

    Safety is our priority, and our Dog Car Seatbelt meets those standards. It not only keeps your dog secure but also minimizes distractions for the driver, contributing to a safer driving experience for everyone on board. 

    • Made from strong polyester to avoid fraying
    • Adjustable in Length
    • Clip into any car (Unless you own a Volvo, Our seatbelts are not compatible with Volvo Cars)
    • Australian Designed
    • Pair with a Matching LeadSailor BowBandanaCollar and Poop Bag Holder
    • Bundle the entire 'Happy Days' Collection and save

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    How to use
    1. Click your pet seat belt buckle into the seat belt slot of your car
    2. Ensure your pet is wearing one of our Car Safe Reggie and Friends harness
    3. Adjust the seatbelt to ensure that your pet is not strapped in too tight or loosely
    4. Clip your pet in at the back of the harness
    5. Ready for some adventures

    *Please ALWAYS use a harness when using our Reggie and Friends seatbelts. Collars can put excess force on your pet's neck causing injury. Reggie and Friends is also not liable for any loss of injury caused to your pet by the use of any of our products.

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    • Rinse in warm water and Line Dry

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